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Polycarbonate features::

Impact resistance: The impact rate of polycarbonate board is max 3kg/cm. The impact strength of polycarbonate board is 250-300 times as common glass, is 20-30 times as acrylic sheets, is 2 times as toughened glass. And it’s almost no fracture risk. Falling the hammer with 3kg and two meters above it, there is no crack. So it enjoyed the reputation of "safety glass" and "ring steel". Over its lifecycle, this results in a significant reduction in maintenance cost and liability risk versus that of other glazing materials.

Light transmittance: Daylightingis admirable, light transmittance rates up to 85 ~ 91%, and its transparencycan be comparable with glass。

Weatherability: Thesurface is with anti-ultraviolet co-extrude layer, which can

avoid yellowing. Surface co-extrude layer has chemicalbond which can absorb ultraviolet radiation and translate it into visible light,which effect plant photosynthesis stabilization. It keeps all the physicalindex stability from - 40 to 130 s. In 4000 hours climate aging test, yellowing rateshows only 2, and  light transmittancevalue decreases only 0.6 percent. It will not cause deformation or qualityreduction. Polycarbonate board will neither be brittle in -40,  nor be softened in 137.3.  Its mechanicsand mechanical properties are not obviously changed in hostile environments.

Lightness & Rigidness: It’s light,onlyhalf weight as the glass, and as 1/3 weight as acrylic board. Owing to goodadaptability and safety, it’s easy for handling, drilling and cutting. Wheninstalled, it’s not breakable, with simple construction and easily for processing.Furthermore, it can be used to make components that are not only lighter than glassparts but also with better performance, thus saving much space.